3 SEO Types Made Basic By Semalt Expert

People who spend much time reading about SEO are not new to the different types of SEO optimization. Some y people use SEO as a marketing campaign. Depending on the strategy used it either falls in the white, black, or gray categories. Based on the recent updates by Google, one should have realized that by now, the only SEO recognized is the white hat strategy. The reason is that the other two tend to manipulate the crawl algorithms to rank a site high in the SERP. To prevent from adverse results, the white hat SEO assures website owners the best results. Writing content and hoping that it ranks the post high is not a strategy.

Alexander Peresunko, one of the leading experts from Semalt, explains here why it is important to evaluate the SEO tactics on a scale of risk versus rewards.

White Hat SEO

Google denounced the use of link building and guarantees that it only has adverse effects on ranking. However, not all link building is at fault. If marketers are to abide by the policy they have on link building, there are still several options to pick. Among the example of white hat, tactics include sharing great content on social media, broken link building, and email marketing.

White hat SEO is hard to maintain due to its costs. Spending many hours looking to promote content, searching for broken links, and relationship building will cost the site. The upside is that the site has a lower risk of getting penalized by Google.

Grey Hat SEO

When one invests in mutual funds, they reduce the overall risk by diversifying their efforts over several groups or companies to gain money quickly, but still risking a loss. Grey hat SEO involves some strategies that Google does not approve to expedite the ranking process. The downside to this is that it leads to the penalization of the site. Examples of gray hat SEO are such as link buying, the purchase of old domains, and buying social signals. Google does not expressly forbid the acquisition of social signals since the idea is to manipulate the SERPs.

Black hat SEO

Black hat SEO is when the marketer cuts all corners and take a short cut to improve the sites rankings. However, just like all penny stocks, there is the potential to lose total value. Therefore, many of these black hat tactics may lead to Google completely de-indexing all the site's pages. Only attempt a black hat strategy on a site that one does not deem as valuable.

The 301redirect method is the most common one ever since 2014. The idea behind it is to increase traffic using low-quality content, site monetization, and pointing 20-30 aged domains to the site. When one gets hit, build another domain and rotate it on the available ones. It is a good idea until one gets caught. Also, buying public blog network links is another black hat strategy.

Effective SEO

Huge companies must have experience with the three types of SEO. Each of the methods depends on the goals of the site owner. Just like investing, a site owner must first decide on the goal they want to achieve before choosing an SEO tactic.